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Why Choose Us

Focus Imaging and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. Is open for everyone every day and provides primary healthcare diagnostics in South Delhi.

At Focus Imaging we believe in excellence. To us Excellence means putting our patients at the center to make Diagnostic Healthcare more accessible and more personal.

It would be appropriate to state that today Focus Imaging has created a benchmark for world class diagnostic solutions which would be almost impossible to emulate and has lived up to its punch line "Focus…Healthcare Beyond Imagination".

As a Patient at Focus Imaging, means you will always have a dedicated partner in your health and will make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you deserve.

With the intensive growth; Focus Imaging has always ensured the Quality of Service including Hygiene and Accuracy of Diagnostic Reports. The Group has always believed in World Class Infrastructure + Strong Processes + Excellent Man Power. Resulting in holistic patient experience. Leading to a Strong Brand Equity.

It would be prudent to add that we at Focus Imaging believe that a Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step which we have already taken. And below are the following reasons that why you choose us:

1. Experience Breakthrough:

In an operating span of 16 Years Focus Imaging has emerged as a clear market leader in the field of Medical Diagnostics in the Delhi-NCR region with an ever widening gap between Focus Imaging and the rest of established players.

2. Technology Advancements:

Whether it`s an everyday checkup or a more complex visit in our campus, Focus Imaging is dedicated to provide quality Diagnostic Healthcare for every patient. We utilize the most advanced technologies which includes the following Equipment:

  • High Field Strength 3 Tesla HDXT MRI Systems - two in number.
  • High Field 1.5 Tesla Signa Explorer High Definition MRI System.
  • State of Art 500 Slice Equivalent Capable Cardiac CT Scan.
  • Latest Generation High Field PET-CT scanner.
  • Multiple Ultrasound and Color Doppler Machines.
  • A comprehensive Non-Invasive Cardiac Department with 3D Color Echocardiography, TMT, Stress and Fetal cardiography.
  • Sate of the Art Digital X-Ray Equipments, Digital Mammography and Bone DEXA Equipments specializing in women health.
  • Apart from the Department of Radiology and Molecular Imaging, FIRC is running a State of Art Pathology Services with the latest equipments offering all routine and high end Pathology Tests.

3. Better People:

No matter the reason for your visit in our facility, the experienced doctors, front office management, nurses and dedicated technologists provide personalized care to every patient. Focus Imaging attracts the best Qualified Medical, Scientific and Support Staff.

4. Continued Expertise:

Our entire Diagnostic Healthcare Facility is dedicated to Quality. We are proud to lead the way in innovative procedures. It s this drive that gives every patient the reassurance and confidence they deserve. Our Doctors are fully equipped with all resources viz. Medical Texts, Journals and Web Based facilities to keep them abreast with the latest in the field of Medical Diagnostics with totally filmless internal environments and web based reporting platform.

5. Access to Healthcare:

You don’t have to travel far to experience medical excellence. We are committed to provide complete quality diagnostic healthcare to numerous statewide communities served by Focus Imaging from last 16 Years. We are focusing on the needs of the underserved to create initiatives and support efforts that both educate community members to understand and navigate the healthcare system and also to increase the availability of low-cost services and provide financial assistance.

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Address- C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

Address -C-10, Green Park Extension New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992

7/1-4, Yusuf Sarai Market, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016

Phone:- Tel: +91-11-42199992